How to Check for element in a hidden browser

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I am unable to open browser in hidden mode (checked “hidden” in properties). Can someone help? Need to check for an element in background without interrupting user’s work

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Once you have the hidden clicked and enabled, what is the issue that you face when checking for elements? does it throw any errors? If so, may I know the error so it is easy to get an idea about what you are dealing with?

No error. It’s just that the browser is not hidden, it opens up front as the active and focussed window.

Hi dj_khalsa,

Please use element exist activity (it enable you to verify if UI element exists, even it is not visible).

Hi @dj_khalsa,

Which browser are you using, if you are using Chrome or Firefox and the hidden property is checked still the browser opens in the foreground and might disturb the actions.

But if you use Browser type as internet explorer and the hidden property is checked, then the internet explorer opens in background check for the particular elements provides the output then automatically closes the window.

Can you try with internet explorer, just use open browser and provide any url and use element exists on that page and see the output.

I am using chrome. U saying that hidden property works only in IE?:thinking:

I am not saying that, i have tested with all 3 browsers and that’s the output i got , for IE the browser was hidden and other browsers it was in the foreground.

Can you try from your end.

Internet explorer hides the browser when the Hidden checkbox is checked and we dont see the browser opened, but for chrome, the browser will open but can you try while performing actions and when the browser opens is there any disturbance from the opened browser on the actions performed.

Thanks Anil. Seems there is limitation of using “hidden” which will work only for IE browsers.

Hi @dj_khalsa,

Yes, but you can still try with chrome perform some actions and let the chrome open and check for element exists and just see if the normal actions are getting interrupted.

You also need to be aware that you need to use only actions that can go in background. Any clicking / typing with a method that is not working in background will make the browser appear.

I am just having “check for element” and based on its existence, give a popup messagebox. So I guess its the “element exist” activity which is causing the browser to open NOT in the background

Do a simple checkup and comment your check. Just open the browser in the flow, add a delay (30-50 seconds) and end the flow. Check if the browser appears or not.

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