How to Hide the Process Running in the Browser

I have some task to be performed in the Browser. when ever i execute the particular workflow “the Browser should not open and the task should be performed in that Browser and it should return the Results.” Can it be possible?

Thanks in advance.

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Did you check Hidden property of open browser activity.

Thank you for the response.

Hidden Browser property is working fine with the Internet Explorer but when it comes the time when it has to return the results (Clicking some images) it is opening the Browser. Can i click on the image when the Browser is hiding.
Also this property is not working when i am using the Google Chrome.

Hi ,
Check the send windows message property of click activity.
Yep chrome doesn’t support .

Hi, you can not click on an image in a hidden browser. That is an Hardware Events operation. You should use element instead and Simulate Type/Window Messages.

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Thank you for the Response.

How can i make the window invisible to the user who is running the UiPath from the front end. "I don’t want them to see the process which ever is happening, only response and results should be displayed on the screen.

Is there any possibility in doing that. Can you help me in doing the same.

In the Open Browser activity check the box that says “Hidden”.

In IE, check the box of “Enable Protected mode” for trusted sites and it should work.