How do you scrape the jobs listings from and apply to ones that mention your degree/skills

How do you scrape the jobs listings from and apply to ones that mention your degree/skills. My biggest challenge is, lets say, if I want to apply, to 6 different software engineering jobs on the platform, and they produce unique questions for each job, since they’re from different companies, how do I work out that one?

Hi Nkrumah - what you have mentioned here is quite a challenging project. You need to break it down into tasks that you automate. E.g. Logging into, searching for relevant positions, reading job descriptions and so on.

The forum can help you better if you can specify in which of these steps you find yourself stuck. Also, please include additional detail / screenshots in your question to make it clearer.

If you would notice from the log messages from the out put panel. I have managed scraping the job listings and filtered out the ones I would like to apply to, but my challenge is with the application, after scraping the job listing and filtering out the ones I wish to apply to. Since every application process is unique(meaning the set of questions they ask in this situation), how do I handle that part? .

RPA-Scrape Indeed Job list and apply to (80.6 KB) Hears My work flow, my challenge is with the “Apply to job.xaml”, found inside the data scraping and manipulation’s folder. I hope this information is sufficient?

If I’ve understood your objective clearly, you need a bot that

  • Scrapes job listings on
  • Filters out the ones that are relevant to you
  • Responds to a set of questions each filtered job needs to make an application

In the first two, you seem to have succeeded. Good job! Those are rule based tasks and you can configure a robot to perform them.

The third one isn’t strictly rule based - those questions require human judgement and cannot be automatically configured so that a bot can answer them (unless job positions ask the same set of questions, which I don’t suspect to be the case). Therefore, you might just need to do that part yourself, without automating it.

Is this it, or am I missing something here?

Btw, getting from 307 job listings to the 2 that are suitable for you is already an accomplishment :slight_smile:

thank you Anupamck, I will try and figure it out.

Exceptionally complex requirements that nobody can figure out for you in a forum reply. If it’s even possible, I’d expect such a project to take months. Have to figure in gathering all the possible questions and their answers in a structured way, etc.