Automate candidate job profile

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This automation can be developed to screen through the thousands of resumes / LinkedIn profiles to find the right candidates for the job. The machine learning model can also be employed to do a trend analysis and key in the various other factors that can contribute to the search to find the right fit candidate. The model can be used to find the candidate history ( e.g. see his social presence, posts, paper presentations done) so that the model can make sure that this candidate will fit well with the company culture. Once the candidate is shortlisted, the bot can be used to send automated emails to find if the candidate is open to opportunities. The bot can also be used to intelligently find the LinkedIn contacts for the candidate and send an automated mail to the existing employee if he/she is already an existing connection to the potential candidate. This will add a personal touch to the hiring process as the existing employee can then aid in the hiring process by talking with the prospective candidate. The bot can also be used to set up the automated interview process for the candidate based on the calendar availability of the technical panel.