How do you handle the unexpected desktop meeting reminder popups and alarm popups while running a UIPath Project?

When I am executing a process, an outlook meeting popup interrupted the process. How can I handle those kind of unexpected or Irrelevant Popups ? How can I make it not to disturb the running process

Hi @bhvejend,

You need to configure Outlook to disable reminders. I don’t know which version of Outlook you’re using, you can take a look here : Set or remove reminders.



Thank you @Masire, as you said we can disable reminders in Outlook

but, there are many other application which send the popup notifications like chrome notifications… It many not be easy to deactivate all those if we are working in multiple desktops.

So, I am asking is there any way to handle any kind of Windows Popup [windows Popup disable function to deactivate all popups from all other applications]

Bhanuprakash vejendla (@bhvejend)