How do you deal with random pop ups?


We have observed that for different web applications, suddenly some random pop ups will show up during robot execution which will lead to process failure.

And here putting in exception handler, doing retries doesn’t help because these pop ups are of the type - which will show up in screen and will not go away until you open the application and close /dismiss it. So no matter how many times it is retried , its gonna fail unless closed manually. These pop ups usually will take the control away from the main screen and make the screen show in disabled mode until the pop up is closed.

Is there a solution that can be built into the workflow which can identify such pop ups when they show up and handle them?


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47

You can use the check app state activity and indicate the popup elements. In target appear block insert the click activity to close the popup and in target not appear block insert the other activities to move forward in automation in Web.

But for this we have to know in which place the popup appears in that place only we will handle those popups with check app state activity.

Hope it helps!!

Hey @sonaliaggarwal47 ,
You can use Parallel activity where left side would be workflow to handle any popups
And right side would be the actual logic of yours

For more information read below thread

Hope it helps you out!


for mutiple pops in a single application you can use pick activity

if popups in different application use Parallel activity


depends on the details. We worked with a lot of similar scenarios and handled popup by proper detections. Espescially when the popup is display triggered by css styles / Javascript value settings the element exists / check app state will allways se the popup.

To determine the popoup show status we can check for

  • class name / style markers

For other scenarios we had created a package which allows to readout the computed css property value. Keep in mind: sometimes some more up parent elements are doing the settings (e…g surrounding divs…)

Thank you @ppr for your inputs.

You have mentioned that using css style markers, can be able to see pop up show.

Generally, what values these identifiers would hold for pop ups… Is there a pattern you have observed?