How do you close Form.Activities Form when using a Submit Button?

Hi All,

Struggling to get my head around this one! I have created a simple form - but once I click submit I want the values to save and the form to close.

I was able to save all the text entry’s and then de-serialise the Json Array… but I just can’t get the window to close.

I’ve even tried setting up an If Statement and checking the state of the boolean set by SubmitButton but that hasn’t worked either.


@Craig_Bannerman Is it possible to send your xaml File ?

sorry not at the moment! contains some company sensitive data so will make an alternative version :slight_smile:

I’m stuck on the same problem. The Form won’t close when clicking submit. Is this something to do with passing variables in/out? Is there a specific property that tells the form to close upon submit? I even looked into the button JSON to see if there was a hidden property but can’t figure it out.
TestFormWontClose.xaml (33.8 KB)

@jason.petrasich If you put the Switch Case Statement outside of the Form Activity, It Should work. Not Sure Why it is not working Inside the Form Activity.

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Sorry forgot to put what I did to fix it.
So I ended up setting the Submit Button as Boolean to then do an If and close the App.

I’m not sure if it’s the most efficient way but it’s working for my situation.

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Thanks, Craig. Interesting - so this may be a bug. I will open a ticket for it.

Yeah thanks - that’d be great as I’m surprised there isn’t already an action to be able to close without the error appearing.

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