Form.Activities (Create Form) Form opens simultaneous windows

Having issue with Form.Activities Create Form. I have a process that has three possible forms depending on the trigger in a row of data.

Two of the forms (Price change forms) work fine. They do not have any activities in them, outside of the empty “DO” sequence.

The issue is the third form (Add Item form) has a condition(IF) if the SelectedButton is “Save” things happen in order to update the dynamic drop-down, etc in the form. The “save” button has key closeOnSubmit = false to keep the form open so it can be completed and the submitted.

What is happening, after the first item is saved then submitted, the form appears to close properly. Then the Add Item form is triggered from a subsequent row of data, the robot does not stop and continues to cycle through the For each row in DT which generates multiple windows for this form (essentially crashing).

When I remove the IF activity in the Add Item form and go back to the blank DO sequence, the for each row cycles through fine after each submit.

Note the closeOnSubmit value key is true for the submit button and false for the save button.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Any one have ideas on a solution for this? Is it a bug? :slightly_smiling_face:

I messaged around and have not received any responses yet. I guess this is a bug. My work around is to open a form to get the initial info, then do the conditional calculations and open a second form with the updated values.

As a recap, I could only get create Forms to work with an empty Do sequence-It works the first iteration, but goes awry on subsequent iterations through the loop when i have anything inside the sequence section of the create form activity. :frowning:

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Hi @Matt_S,
Could you please show me example of this process. It will be easier for me to understand the issue here. I’m pretty sure that I know what’s going on but need to see it to avoid of misunderstanding.

Thanks for getting back to me. I made a mock up of the process with annotations describing the logic. Let me know if you need anything else

Thank you for this :slight_smile:
This really helped me out to understand where is the problem. So I talked to the team which was working on this. It’s not a bug. The Form is made that when if there is any activity inside the Do section it will work on those items until it will done all steps inside or if you have closeOnSubmit set as false. But you need to remember that Submit option is threat like let’s say final action. So when you have done submit on first element the IF loop make it repeat that action every time causing opening form for each element.

What I would suggest here is adding this form into separate workflow/flowchart where each action will be done outside of the form and invoke it. Let me show you example of what I mean:

Hope that this make sense :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help. I am not sure i understand. I simplified my process in the previous post. The real version was a form with 2 buttons, “Update/Save” with closeOnSubmit = false and “Submit” with closeOnSubmit = true. When user enters some values in the form, they may be required to hit the “Update/Save” button which then takes values and recalculates a drop down on the form. The user completes the remainder of the form and hits the “Submit” button. On the next iteration it opens the form and appears to keep going and continues to open the form for the next iteration. I wonder if I should not have added the closeOnSubmit=true key on the submit button. Or is there a way to clear or reset the activity.

I have already implemented my workaround by creating two forms, one that gets the input and second one displays the updated into and it is working. I will have to play with this activity when I get a chance.

Thanks for your help

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