How can I close the form automatically?

I have done a process, which has 2 forms. One is filled in by the user and the other is filled in by the robot. My problem is that once completed they don’t close automatically. What can I do to make the form close once it has been completed? Thank you.

@Marisa_Ontiveros - please use the close window activity to close the forms.

@Marisa_Ontiveros I guess you’re using some Activities inside the Form Activity, hence the form won’t close. Can you show Screenshots of your workflow ?

Formulario.xaml (93.8 KB)

I tried to put the activities out of the form, but it gives me an error

@Marisa_Ontiveros Can you send a Screenshot of the Workflow ? When I have downloaded your Workflow I get missing Activities, So I want to know what activities are missing in order to update in mine :sweat_smile:

Capturaformulario.docx (225.2 KB)

I hope you can see it like this. Thanks for the help

@Marisa_Ontiveros Ok. Can you put those Type Into Activities outside the Form Activity and Check ? Notify if you get an error.

This is the error it gives me, if I take the activities out of the form

@Marisa_Ontiveros I just tested your form Activity without any Type Into Activities and it Worked for me. It Shouldn’t be a Problem.

I’ve faced such issues too which are not clear for me. I found out that it probably connected with automatic form processing with inside activities. Forms which filled manually have no problems with validation and closing. Anyway it would be a nice idea to have a close-button-checkbox in button properties section.

The process has 2 forms, one that is manually filled in by the user, and the other is filled in by the robot. My problem is that neither of them closes automatically once they are complete. I need the form to close automatically.

Can you explain to me better about putting a check box in the button properties?

I don’t understand why when I fill in the data and hit the submit button, it forces me to close the form manually and gives me this error. I need the form to close automatically once after I have completed it and hit the submit button. Thank you.

It is solved by putting an empty sequence inside the Create Form activity. In this way the forms are closed automatically and the process does not stop.

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Guys set ‘closeOnSubmit’ property true to buttons


@Marisa_Ontiveros Check my previous post.

Hi, you can use “Submit Button” then add in the field key tab, KEY = closeOnSubmit VALUE = TRUE, it’s working in my forms. sorry for my english :wink: