Interactive Forms Sample Activity


I want to use this activity within a process. What I can’t figure is how to close the form (without having a Close button) and send the information from properties dictionary back to UiPath.

I have tried to use Execute Form Function to execute the Close function after getting the values from the Properties Dictionary, but it does not seem to do anything.

Waiting forward for your advice.
@radu_bucur I had a look at the documentation. What I do not want is to be able to delete the text from the buttons, which at the moment is happening. And second, I can’t seem to be able to send the values from SubmitCentralizeNews or SubmitVerifyClass if I want to execute afterwards the function Close. I am waiting forward for your advice.

HTMLResources.7z (32.5 KB) ChooseProcess.xaml (8.5 KB)

I had changed the type of the input button to “submit” and uncommented the Close() function from the Submit functions in the js file. Now I get this error from UiPath.

Hi Delia, thanks for using the package!

Regarding how you can close the form after a button is pressed in the form, you can use the uipath-invokemethodwithinput property when calling the TriggerActivities function and set it to “Close”. This way, after the action is sent to the robot, the form will execute the Close function (since this function has no arguments, it does not matter what data, if any, is being sent from the robot back to the form).

Regarding the buttons, deleting text from the buttons is expected simply because they are input controls of type “btn”, if you want to make sure that text does not get deleted, change the html markup, for example, you could change the type to "button"

But make sure to also change the css:

Yes, changing the button to “submit” does not work, as that would mean that the form will be submitted to a certain URL and since that location does not exist, obviously, the robot will crash.
I think that the control is left in our sample by mistake, that should not be there (I’ll remove it from the sample, so future users should not have the problem).
Unfortunately, the error is a bit generic, so its hard to understand what the problem is if you’re just starting out with the package
Forms and input of type “submit” should not be used with this activity.