Different Escape character is required

Hello folks,

I have to write lines code in notepad or np++.
example is below


so I use below method

but getting error.

Please suggest.


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We can directly mention this string as input to WRITE TEXT FILE ACTIVITY and mention the notepad file path as input
This erro is occurring as we use equal to symbol the value side of assign activity

Kindly try that and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @prashantP

Hi @Palaniyappan
Thanks for replay.

I already tried this and getting same error.

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Fine if we have any double quotes inside a string (between double quotes)
Then we need to surround the inner double quotes with two double quotes like this
For example if this is your string

“I want to use “double” quotes”

Then it should be mentioned like this
“I want to use “”“double””” quotes”
So in your case @prashantP

Like this

“DisplayName=”“ck ‘PageButtons_SaveButton…’”" Selector=“”<webctrl id=’‘PageButtons_SaveButton_Button’“”"

And ensure that you type in your studio and kindly don’t copy this and paste out there in your studio as sometimes the double will get changed to different symbol if pasted

Cheers @prashantP

“DisplayName=”“ck ‘PageButtons_SaveButton…’”" Selector=“”<webctrl id='‘PageButtons_SaveButton_Button’“”"

Try this!

Thanks @Palaniyappan for quick replay

Checked now error is not there but notepad showing all 3 quotes.

Please correct me.

Hi @prashantP,

The green means that it’s being considered as a comment not as code, if you want to display a ’ you can use char(39). You can display the ’ chars just by typing them inside quotes like this " ’ " but if you have a ’ at the beginning ’ " ’ " will all consider as a comment. Remember that Uipath uses VB.net
This might help you in some scenarios:

You have given Double Quotes four times.

“DisplayName=”“ck ‘PageButtons_SaveButton…’”" Selector=“”<webctrl id=’‘PageButtons_SaveButton_Button’“”"

Please test this!



Hi @kadiravan_kalidoss and @rmunro
Thanks for giving your time into it…

I did not checked your last replay.
with “” quotes “” it works

Thanks all…!!


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