How do summarise multiple datas from different sheets into a new sheet?

I’m having trouble trying to summarise data from multiple sheets into a new sheet. For example, payroll, in which there are multiple months and multiple employees. Is there a way to summarise all data from different sheets(months) into another sheet(payroll summary) for each employees displaying each month row by row?


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You can use the following

  1. Use excel file and give the file
  2. For each sheet in excel
  3. Inside loop use reqd range and then merge datatable
  4. After the loop write the data to different excel or sheet


Hi, thanks for the reply. I’m new to UiPath. Can you help to explain what it means to give the file and merge datatable?

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Are you looking for something like this

Cheers @desperATE

Hi @desperATE

How about the following?


Percentage divison and rank data.xlsx (12.4 KB) (74.1 KB)

Hope this helps!!

Hi! This really helped me. Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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