How to consolidate an excel information across 3 worksheet into 1 worksheet and save it as a new file

Hi guys,

Need some help… I managed to generate a report and open the report automatically but can i also automate to extract information across 3 worksheets (ResultProduced.xlsx) into 1 worksheet,format and save it as a new file (e.g. FinalFormatedReport.xlsx)

ResultProduced.xlsx (10.5 KB)
FinalFormatedReport.xlsx (8.4 KB)

Hello again @Eros,
Did you extract the data present in those 3 sheets from somewhere? or it is manually written?
If you could manage to extract that in the systematic pattern as you want it to be in the final file, it can be done.

Yes. It extracted from somwhere in a systematic pattern…
Able to advise how can i do it on uipath?

I’ll need the source from where you extracted that data so that i can test it!

If you could get that out in ordered columns it would be pretty easy.
Right now you have the column header and data all mixed up

Hey guys @PrankurJoshi @Rammohan91

Do you mind checking this out?

ResultProduced.xlsx is result of what the source will produce