How do i use "flow switch activity" to make sure that particular age group is selected based on the given input?

Hey Guys,

I need to use the "flow switch activity " in such a way that when the user enters the particular input the specific process is followed,.


-use “input dialog” to accept the value from the user. (lets say 38)
-then i need to make use of “flow switch activity” in such a way that the specific process is followed .

  • Making sure that the conditional scope is given such that “0-10”,“10-20”,“20-30”,“30-40”,“40-50” and so on.

I need to check with these scopes and then do some shit with that output.

Like clicking into the particular drop down menu and select the particular output.

like this,


Please provide with the workflow so that it will be more informative.

Thanks and regards.,

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you dont need flow switch activity in order to do that.
you can also use if else condition.

or use any other mathematical logic,