How to Use "Flow Switch" Activity - The example given in the earlier forum, is not able to understand Clearly

Dear Experts,
I need to implement the same in my Project.

Here I have a Condition , with Decision Activity, i cannot be able to design.
Scenario is : There is a Input Number. The Exact Actual Number is 10. Here need to validate Expect Vs Actual.
Conditions need to be Placed in Flow Switch Activity are:
input Number < 10
input Number = 10
input Number > 10
input Number is NOT a Number [ ex: space, alphabet, any other SPecial char, etc…]

Please do not advise me to go with,
If Else, Else if.

I would like to learn to Design on “Flow Switch Activity”.
So please Dear Experts, help me.

Many thanks & Much Appreciated your kind and support as always…
Thanks in advance…

  • Pavan

hi @Pavan_Kodali

Hey Pavan based on flow switch you can only ask the input to navigate to particular sequence

u can use Flow Decision based on the conditions

Ashwin S

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Dear Team,
Please someone give a xaml file, for my scenario.

Much Appreciated your help…

  • Pavan.

hi @Pavan_Kodali

check this xaml for your reference

Test_Flow_Decision.xaml (14.1 KB)

Ashwin S

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Thanks Aswin for your Quick Help - But,

Actually i am not Aware of "How to use the “Flow Switch” Activity.
Please could you help me in understanding or utilizing the “Flow Switch” Activity.

In one of Academy Video, they said the Flow which i asked & you created, can be achieved by “Flow Switch” Activity. Thats why,
Multiple times i am asking about “Flow Switch” Activity.

Please could you help me on ,
How to make use of “Flow Switch” Activity.

Many More thanks & Much Appreciated all your Quick Help as Always…!!!

  • Kodali Pavan

@Pavan_Kodali Check this post

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Hi Indra,
thanks for the Help - I am not able to understand the Logic provided in the XAML FIle .

ON what Basis, it is showing the Results like, Summer, Winter, etc…
Please help in clear understanding

@Pavan_Kodali on the month basis it’s showing result current month is may so it’s showing summer suppose if month is February it will show winter

Note : If you are using trial version means don’t change system date to check studio will show trial version expired

I know this is an old case, but when people (like me) try to find this out, this might be useful.

Short explanation: Flow Switch makes you switch flows :slight_smile:
If you need anything else as a switch, for example a string, change the typeArguement to string.

The string you supply has to match the Case argument on the case line itself:

The outcome of the switch has to match the flow-switch line. So make the switch expression a variable that matches your outcome.

Hope this helps future people like me to get a quick understanding without having to test it.