Flow Swicth Input From Excel


I am using Flow Switch to select the condition. I want that it should select condition as per output from excel file from specific column and select the flow accordingly.

How can I achieve that?


Let’s assume that you base your Flow Switch on whether value from Excel cell is equal to 5 or equal to 10

  1. In “Read Cell” activity as output please write a variable e.g. cellValue. In this case variable type is Int32

  2. In Flow Switch choose TypeArgument Int32 and inout name of your variable in Expression field

  3. Connect Flow Switch to different sequences. Remember to have a “Default” one for when the value is neither 5 nor 10. For it click on the line between Flow Switch and your sequence and check IsDefaultCase

  4. Click on 2 other connectors and in Case field input your value e.g. 5 or 10

If you need better explanation, please let me know

I get this error