How do i use the extracted Age to make sure the age group is mentioned.?

Hello all,

So in my project when i get the Age as a "Get Text " activity and once it is done and stored in some variable,

I am using the data (25 years old)
to make sure i make uipath to make decision to select the appropriate section.

Age group:-

                  20-30 yearsold

NOte:- This will be selected from the drop down menu

Use this age group for the above age.

all this happens automatically.

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Hi @Error,

Use Decision box to check if the age value falls under the category based on business rules and assign a variable with the value which you need to select in drop down.

Pass this variable to Select item activity using which you will be selecting a value in drop down.

Adding sample workflow for your reference.

Age Selection.xaml (17.6 KB)



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use mathematical logic to do that.