How do I upload Sharepoint List item File

I have an automation that makes an entry into a sharepoint list, since I upgraded from Windows- Legacy there is no longer a package that will allow me to upload an attachment.

The problem with the current sharepoint activity is that it uploads all of the list items (an array) from a data table, and if I use the individual item entry it only allows two columns at a time. (either way I still have no way to attach a document?)

Hi @Nathan_Betters1

I believe you are referrin gro office 365 activities.

When you want to upload only one item then the two columns you have are the left one being the column name and right one is the value for that columns. The value column supports onject type and the first column is a string type to give the column name in sharepoint

And for attachments if it doesnot work then is that ok…if you upload file to sharepoint and present the link in the sharepoint list?


I don’t think you understand, I need to upload the file to SharePoint I can’t “get a shareable link” if the file is not uploaded.

HI @Nathan_Betters1

Use upload file to upload it to sharepoint and then you can get a link which you can place anywhere

Am I missing something?


There is no upload file to SharePoint, just upload file to one drive. The old set of activities that worked in windows legacy had an add attachments to sharepoint

Plus using the two column method means I would need to make 20 activities for each column needing data uploaded, which won’t work because they are individual new lines not an array. Therefore I must use the upload data table option. Unless someone knows of a better SharePoint activity?

HI @Nathan_Betters1

I guess you are mis-understanding the upload file activity of office 365. To confirm first are you using office 365 only? If yes it uploads either to SharePoint/one drive… We are already using it in out projects to upload the files to SharePoint

And even if you want to upload single item to list you can use the multiple one with only one line item and it will still add it to the list


Hi @Nathan_Betters1 have u found the solution yet? I use Add list Item to add a new item to Sharepoint list (ms365 package, windows project, use datatable with 2 columns).
And no matter what I put into the item “Attachments”, the attachment is not shown in sharepoint. I tried string,array, list.

It’s helpful,
I think him ask from 2022, him had solution :grinning:

The question is really how to upload a list item (singular) with mutliple columns of meta data, I have only been able to get meta data for one column to work.I got so frustrated that I just sent a webhook to powerautomate with the information and built a flow for PA to update the meta data… very inconvieniant