How do i upload a json file into UI path ? Stuck with this error


It is not an error…It is a warning message…that would go off if you use a variable or relative path…As you hardcoded the file location you are shown the warning


Hi @Arvind_Karthigayan ,

Could you let us know what are you trying to perform ?

Are you trying to read the json file or Are you trying to upload the json file to some application ?

Read and deserialize as to fill that to particular input forms

Any solution for the above?


  1. Reading json is same as what you did now…
  2. To deserialize…use deserialize json activity …for this you need to download webapi package

The output would be a jobject which cna then be used

Jobj("key").ToString will give the respective vlue for the given key

Jobj is the output of deserialize activity


Thanks alot

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