How to Get data from JSON file and update on website

I have big data for example First name last name address in json notepad and this data needs to update on the website so how can I upload it?

Hi @sandip_shahane

  1. Goto manage package and install Uipath.WebAPI.Activies

  2. Sample JSON Image

  3. Use Deserialize Json Activity

For reference:


Yes, I already used that but still getting this error ": Deserialize JSON Unexpected character encounter while parsing value j, Path { Path 2, Position 3 something ) "

Your Json seems to be invalid.
Correct your json at first e.g. with the help of

Feel free to share the JSON with us in case of you need further help

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Thanks ppr , Actually the error is in my json file format I checked it and take correction now the problem is solved.

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