How do I specify the gSheet range in the latest build?

I can read the range like this but it pulls the whole sheet. I have tried a bunch of guesses at the correct syntax to specify Column and Row range but none have worked.
‘Tab Name’ (Sheet).Range(A1:X50)
‘Tab Name’ (Sheet)(A1:X50)
‘Tab Name’ (Sheet)!A1:X50
and a bunch of other variants - but I’m stuck and can’t seem to find the correct syntax for the Range field to get this to reduce to the number of rows I need.

Hi @BlakeSmith

Check this thread

Specifying like below will help you. Try removing Tab Name.


I appreciate that link but it did not work. I have to specify the worksheet but need to add the range.

If I specify the tab only, it pulls the whole thing. So I’m assuming this is a syntax issue.

I assumed it would be something like “tab name” + “range expression” (not literally but something like that) but every combination I’ve tried has failed.

It’s confusing why this activity changed so much. The old version let you specify an overall worksheet ID so then the tab and range were easier to clarify.

The help file for the activity includes zero examples?? It would be really nice if UiPath would throw in some examples… assuming this is a syntax error and not a more mysterious bug.

A lot of the errors I get are… peculiar.

The “truncated details” has happened a lot. I’ve removed the activity and re-created it, and I’ve also rebooted (JIC).

I’m still struggling with this one. As a workaround, I created a new tab and have my client only entering the data to be processed. But I want them to be able to specify “only process X rows” and have the bot stop after achieving that goal.

This worked in ye olde versions, but the new Activity isn’t and I’m still presuming this is a syntax change and I just need the new syntax.

Even crazier. Yesterday I finally got this to work multiple times.
I was so excited I wrote my coworkers about it.

This worked yesterday for Read Range:

Today I’m back to getting: The Request Is Not As Expected by Google API

This is super frustrating.