In Use Excel File > Excel For Each Row > Specify Worksheet

I have an Excel file with 3 worksheets. I want to run “Excel For Each Row” on one of the worksheets. How do I specify the worksheet?

I don’t know how to call it out in the “in range” field within the “Excel For Each Row” dialogue. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hi @Brett_Johnson

Use Read Range Activity inside ‘UseExcel’

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Loveleet Saini

HI @Brett_Johnson

You need to give the range like

Excel.Sheet("YourSheetName").Range("Your range A1:N100 something like this")


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Use excel.sheet("sheetname") for reading whole sheet

Or select the field and click on plus beside it…there you can select or give the details in an interactive window, which gives you a way to give the sheetname and range and it will create rhe formula as above


That’s what I needed. Thank you! Where could I have found that on my own? No google searches brought me to that syntax. Thanks again.

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