Variable Range Selection in STUDIOX

Am very much concerned about the Activities mentioned in the forum. We are able to understand that we should select a range but where can we find the format. Say for e.g. is it Range(“A”) OR Column (1) OR RANGE (A1:A+ANY VARIABLE VALUE TO UPDATE AS PER NEED). I did not find an answer for such question.
Request to give an example, so that we can easily understand the activity.

Hi there,

I couldn’t find a way to make studioX do it, if I’m not mistaken on studio there is a read range activity.
As I need to use studioX, i tend to do the biggest range possible and use an if to stop the loop.

Hi Bruno,

You got it right, no option found in StudioX
I resolved it through updating a Excel formula =Count(“A:A”) in B1 CELL.- Here B1 cell shows me how many rows are available for A (may be 100 or 200) …
I wrote in Advanced Editor as : PoList.Sheet(“PO”).Range(“A2:A”+PoList.Sheet(“PO”).Cell(“B1”))
Polist = my workbook name
Sheet(PO) = my Worksheet name
B1 = holds a number of rows in Column “A” range.

May this be helpful who are struggling like me in StudioX or still we get an option to key in the Variable range by any Rows.count coding.

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Thanks for the update, i tryed something like this once or twice without been successful! i’ll use this method now.

Very good solution