How do I send email using IMAP with cross-platform project?

The title says it all. I have currently a project with cross-platform config and I’m going to run this in unattended robot with deployed linux robots. So the problem is using oauth that background process wont work with oauth (if I’m wrong then find me this solution as well) so I decided to got with email/password approach using imap. But I have no clue how do I get started with it.

The Get IMAP Mail Messages is not compatible with Cross-platform projects.


Note: If you will look at the above documentation, you will see that no activity from the UiPath.Mail.Activities are compatible with Cross-Platform projects.

But if you will check this documentation, you will see that Microsoft Office 365 package it is providing you with the needed compatibility for Studio versions starting with 2022.10.

I’ve tried that as well its stuck with waiting for connection on orchestrator

Hi @swapnil.soni
Mail-related activities are not supported by a cross-platform-based project. In the coming days, I hope to fully enable this feature in UiPath.

Kaviyarasu N

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