How do I send as hotkey the button "5" from Numpad


I have tried multiple ways to send as hotkey the below button, but didn’t succeed. Choosing num5 is not working.

Does anyone know a workaround to right-click an element? I can not use the click activity in my case, and tried to use Shit+f10 but is not working in that region. Now I have enabled right-click with the pressing of the 5 button from Numpad but I am not able to use it with UiPath.

Any help is appreciated,

we would recommend to give us an overview on what is to achieve (which application type) and what was done (implementation details, used package versions …)

Using the send hot key activity with a proper configured selector using the num5 was working.
As an alternate you can also check the type into activity with a proper set selector

also here we do miss the details why a click activity with configured right click will not serve:

So, just elaborate more on your case. Thanks


It’s just a 5. There’s no difference between that and the 5 button at the top of the keyboard. Just use Type Into and “5”

Hi Peter,

As a background: I have to automate a desktop application that does not allow UI activities with simulate or send window message. (click or type into), also my process will be unattended un a VM so I can use CV or hardware events. I am able to use keyboard shortcuts activity to send left clicks but I don’t figure out a solution for right click. Here are the packages:

I tried to use hotkeys like Shift+F10 which mirror a right click but is not working in my desktop application.

On short I need a solution to right click, without using the Click activity(because it won’t work unattended without send window messages/simulate).

HI @SStefan

You can give 5 in the send hotkey instead of selecting from the list