How do I scroll a specific page (Sumo Logic Users List)

I am trying to gather list of users in my team from Sumo Logic website. Unfortunately, it seems Sumologic does not display the list of users in a regualr table. So when I need to scroll to view all users, it does allow me to use a scrollbar. I did a “Record” from UiPath studio and though it is able to scrape list of users viaible into a datatable, it does not gather the users not displayed on screen. I did a “Record” of scroll, but when running, it does nothing. I tried hotkey “scroll” & “pgdn” too but it did not work.
If I use mouse scroll wheel, the same list does scroll. If I use the Page Down key on keyboard, it too works. Just that I am unable to replicate it in UiPath. What am I doing wrong?

Here is the selector (I remove the “<” from both lines so that it will be displayed rather than interpretted.

html app=‘firefox.exe’ htmlwindowname=‘*’ title=‘Users and Roles | Sumo Logic’ />
webctrl css-selector=‘body>div>div>div>div>div>workspace-layout>div>div>div>div>users-roles-root>manage-group>div>md-card>md-card-content>users-page>div>users-list-page>div>ng-transclude>div>div>div>div>md-virtual-repeat-container>div’ parentid=‘users__group’ tag=‘DIV’ />

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Please check if the custom activity helps you


Thanks, that worked flawlessly :+1:

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