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Not able to scroll a webpage and fetch required data

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Use send hotkey and indicate the screen and choose pgdn from dropdown in sendhotkey activity!


HI @Sharmila_SM

You can try with Scroll Activity

It will be working like

  • Use Hover Activity and indicate on the page in which you need to scroll

  • Then Scroll Activity

    Scroll Up - True
    Scroll Down- False

In Properties
1 Page Scroll - 120
2 Page Scroll- 240


Hi @THIRU_NANI, thanks for your response.

Tried the same approach before.

My intention is to select individual items from a web page that has multiple layouts. Imagine email box for example, it displays email summary on the left and displays the content of the selected email on the right.

I want to select each email on the left and navigate to the right side to read/fetch the whole email.

Is there a way to do this?

If pgdn is not working for you then you can fins scroll option in send hotkey.

once try with that.


Hi @Sharmila_SM

We Can try with data Scarping selecting the whole and datatable and then Iterate

Through Table row table column attributes or idx


Hi @Sharmila_SM ,

You can try as follows:

Inside the Send HotKey selector choose the area which you want to scroll. Open the selector in UI Explorer and from the top navbar choose Ui Framework-> Active Accessibility. It should give only the area you selected.

Hi @pravin_calvin, thanks for your response. Tried data scraping as well, but it seems to work only with table structured elements, not list of elements.

Any hints, appreciated

My bad, this solves the problem. Thanks a lot.

Happy Automating!

Cheers @Sharmila_SM

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