How do I run a XAML file in a Robot Machine?

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I am in a middle of exploring the UiPath as a Developer.
NOTE:- Purely learning purpose, like I just want to make sure this this works.

So this is the task that I need to verify:-

  1. I created 3 VMs(In first there is orchestrator), (in second there is Studio) and (in third one there is Robot)

  2. From the Studio Machine, I have published the script onto the orchestrator(visible on the processes tab)

  3. Also, I have provisioned the robot from the robot from the Robot machine to the orchestrator.

  4. Now, I want run the script in the Robot machine (script that is published on the orchestrator via the robot that is provisioned). Given that the robots looks like “connected” and is also shown as “available” in the orchestrator.

  5. How do I run the script on the robot machine?

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Log into the Orchestrator online and go to Processes, and you should see the job you have published, and to the right of it you need to click the View Processes option:


Then in the pop up ensure the latest version is selected, if it isn’t an arrow will appear, prompting you to update:


Log into the VM with the Robot, and in the start menu run Robot:


It will then appear in the system tray (mine is not currently connected, your one should be blue if connected):


Click on this and there should appear a pop up showing the processes you have uploaded to Orchestrator, and next to the one you wish to run will be either a small “play” button (arrow in a circle) which allows you to run, or a tray with an arrow pointing downwards into it, which means you need to click this to update the process (download latest version from Orchestrator) before the play button will appear.

Let me know if this helps, or you have any more questions, thanks!



Thank you very much for your prompt response. I really appreciate it.

About the solution, I did as you said and I was able to run the attended robot successfully.

Thanks again.


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