How do i pass an arguement from one workflow to another without invoking the other method?

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I am having 6 workflows and i am using some variables from “workflow A” in some variables of “workflow B”.

but i dont want to “invoke workflow file” when i do that… Bcoz i need to use couple of variables in “workflow B” which are there in “workflow A”

But at the same time i dont want to disturb the order of executiion.

Please guide me with the same.

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dont pass any arguements. Simple!!!

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I would like no learn the same thing… Does anyone know?

This makes no sense. How can you ‘use’ the Workflow A variables in Workflow B without invoking Workflow B. There will be nothing ‘using’ the Workflow A variables.

You will already have the Workflow A variables stored locally in the sequence which houses the two workflows together after that workflow completes

Ok, agree with you. But, there is anyway to do this using arguments without invoking the workflow?
ex.: I want to creat in Workflow 1 one argument with direction out, assign one value to it and get this value on Workflow 2.

The answer is No, because as far as I can think of, there is no use case for that.

The variable will be stored locally, so you can use it for whatever end in the parent sequence.

However, as soon as you pass it to a workflow, it is assumed you have some use for it and will invoke some activities to pick it up.

On Assignment 1 of Advanced training I have one Workflow to get ID, Name and Country from Acme website and creat a Hash argument concatenating those values. Then I have another workflow to type this Hash into SHA1 website and get the Hash-Code. This Hash-Code should be used into a third workflow created to update the client information on Acme website.
Is there a solution without putting everything in one workflow? I should always invoke a workflow to retrieve an argument value?

A solution to what? I do not see the problem.

As you have said you have three workflows.

A: This gets the details to create the hash code. So a few out arguments are created and passed to local variables.

B: These local variables are then passed to in arguments so that a Hash Code variable can be populated by Workflow B. This Hash Code is stored as an out argument and passed to another local variable.

C: The final workflow takes the local hash code variable and passes this to an in argument and it updates the customer record through the Workflow.

You seem to have a use case in mind which is a result of mis understanding how variables and arguments work together.


Please try getter setter component. This is similar to get set properties in C#. The value can be set to the variable using set method.

The same value can be retrieved in another workflow using Get method, without invoking the workflow.

The details are provided in the below page-

Hope this helps!