How do I make user selection option in Runtime and xaml gets executed?

I need to run multiple reports from and SAP and download them to excel after downloading it runs a macro based on the input.

How do I make user select the option from a dropdown (runtime) and xaml gets executed

Are you using Orchestrator ? if yes , you could write a small application which allows user to select the reports they want to download , and feed that info into Orchestrator Queue , And your Workflow would then read from the Queue and download requested reports …

no I am not using Orchestrator. if I select option. Can I do as if option a then execute or invoke Xam1, if option to then xam2 this way I will have 12 xaml.

cabn switch be used here if so can you please guide me how?

you can create an array of report names and pass the array variable in Options field of Input Dialog. That ways you would have control on the options to be displayed.

and once you retrive the selected option , you can use a swtitch to invoke the specific code.

Although i would recomend to create as many resuable components , i.e , if the workflows have similar activities club them under a single xmal and invoke it , try and keep the workflows to a minimum …

Check this example

test3.xaml (6.5 KB)

Thanks a ton Sai. and sorry for for my dumb questions. How can I have one xaml and invoke based on options. I have 12 macros in a file based on the input each macro have to run and save the file by option selected

@oodaikiran no probs :smile:

Check this out ,

You should be able to execute any of those macros , in the case statements , and outside the case statement write the flow to save the file …

Thank you so much Sai. will try and develop basis the inputs. thanks a lot!!!

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Welcome ! :slight_smile: