How to load an xaml file/sequence in UIPath based on the selected item from a dropdown list after submit button is clicked?

I have installed UIPath.Form.Activities and used Create Form activity. I then created a form with a dropdown and a submit button. On the dropdown, there are two values: Process 1 and Process 2 as below:

Each process has a separate sequence on my project. I would like to run each process (xaml file) based on the selected item on the dropdown list after I clicked the submit/run button. Anyone know how to? Thank you

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Why don’t you use Assistant if it’s a Attended Automation

If you want to run from the orchestrator then instead of Forms you can try with APPS which has the option to run the Process when you click


If you want to run from the studio only then you have to take a look on API calls

Hope this will help you


Hey @elizmarie

I’m assuming you want to run the process choosen on the drop-down in the same machine.

  1. Create a background process which holds the form which you have shown in the above

  2. In the same process build logic to execute commands to trigger UiPath process

Ref - Arguments Description

Hope this helps


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