How to execute xaml files dynamically


I am new to UiPath and have a query - i have created 3 different xaml files, one for login, another to perform operation 1, and other to perform operation 2.
My ask is that i loaded the xamls in an excel file and i need to execute them on need basis depending on execute flag set as Y or N. I am using invoke workflow file activity but not succeeding. Pls advise

@asharma5 What happens when Invoke Workflow activity is used ?

Did you load the xaml file Paths ?

Dear supermanPunch, i am getting error message that says - “Value does not fall within expected range”

But when i am running without driver script, that is running fine to me

@asharma5 can you share the workflow or screen shot of the workflow?


i need to i have created 3 workflows as per below screenshot of excel file, i have created these 3 wokflows seperately and want to run them based on execute flag Y or N



  1. Read Excel
  2. use for each row activity
  3. Inside for each row use if block and set the condition.

Hope it will help


Thanks, that helped