How to execute test cases in uipath

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Question-I have designed a process and i want to execute the test cases for my process.How can i execute that ? and i want the test report to be generated in excel(passed,failed…etc).Is there any activity available in uipath?

NOTE:The test cases are in excel.

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Unfortunaltely there is no direct/inbuilt way to achive what you are looking for. However you can implement it using another xaml process.

Assuming that you have Process1 that you would like to test using 10 Different Inputs. In that case Process1 has to be tested 10 times with each of these inputs. You can achive this by many ways.

As an Example,
Create another xaml file like _Test.xaml and Invoke Process1 from within the this xaml for each of the Inputs. You will endup Invoking Process1.caml 10 times each one having a different input. Capture the Result for Each of these and Store them acccordingly into the excel file in the required row.

If You have your Inputs Data as well Excel file, You can Capture it into a datatable, Use a For Each Row Loop and Get Each the Input Data for each of the Row, Simultanouesly invoking the Process1.Xaml and Passing those inputs.

You can also have those Uploaded to Queues in Orchestrator and Retrive One By One and Passing them to Your Process1.Xaml. And then Passing the Parameter and Capturing the Results into the required excel file.

I believe it should give you some idea of what you would like to achieve.

Let me if it helps.

Rammohan B.

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@Rammohan91 Hello, I’m new to UIpath i generated some test cases, it seems working fine. But i been asked to capture the result whether it is success or not ? I really need some help here. Could you give me any assistance to do this ?