How do I know it reaches the bottom?

I need to choose all the items one by one from the top to the bottom in an application, and I plan to use the key “Down” for it. But how do I know it reaches the bottom or not?



Can us share the screenshot?

Is there an element at the bottom of the page that you can use the “On Element Appear” or “Find Element” activity on with the “WaitVisible” flag checked to true?

Below is another potential solution to your question:

Hi @ww2ivy,
Compare the current element with previous element, If both are same then stop the flow, Otherwise continue.

Thanks for the quick answer. May I know how to get the current element? Did some search, but seems find element/get attribute does not really make sense.


Hey @ww2ivy

Is it in a tabular format ? if it is so then simplest solution will be using Data Scraping :slight_smile: no need to check bottom of the page.

if still require then you can use java script to detect bottom of a page :slight_smile:
if still facing problem then share a screenshot for a quick reference :slight_smile:


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Thanks for your guide. It’s not tabular but a customized tool. Will do some search for javascripts. :slight_smile:

Hi @ww2ivy

Check it out for your quick reference - How to test if the bottom of the web page has reached?