How to detect when scrolling is finished

I want to scrap a webpage that which loads on page downs. For example, facebook or linkedIn. However, after pressing some pagedowns, I am not able to detect when scrolling is over.
For example, if i want to see the notifications in LinkedIn, which keep on appearing on pressing pagedown, but stop after some time. I have sent some pgdn keys using UIPath but not able to detect when it is done. There is no element which can be detected.
As humans we used to check if scrollbar has reached to bottom, but couldn’t find anything related to scrollbars in UIPath activities.
Please suggest

May not be a robust solution but works.

  • you can scrape the field which is visible on the screen (eg in your case linkedIn notification you could have name of the person saying completed year/started new position) etc
  • hit page down
  • then scrape next visible field and compare with previous scarped result if it doesn’t macth then you need to keep pressing page down.
  • if both scraping out put matches then its end of the page. :slight_smile:
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Hi @sandeepbhutani304,

Kindly check the example attached, it basically inject a javascript that detects if it has reached the bottom and once it happens it shows a message. In this example, I used the follow settings:

Browser: Internet Explorer 11
URL: Google Search (4.0 KB)