How do i know if my bot is user-mode or service-mode

How do i know if my bot is user-mode or service-mode? I want to change the package location from the default folder (’%userProfile%.nuget\packages’) to a shared folder E:. and need to know the type of bot I am to do so.

Custom Package Folders and Network Paths (

Hi @Ayah,

I think these topics can help you. You can gain control by understanding the differences.



I think we can check if the robot is on service mode using the following expression , because UiPath.Service.Host.exe is running in service mode.

Process.GetProcesses.Any(Function(p) p.ProcessName="UiPath.Service.Host")


Whether it is User Mode (Installed in the User’s App Directory without Admin) or Installed to the Machine (Program Files) and Registered as a Service is a bit irrelevant.

PACKAGES_FOLDER should not point to a single shared directory but rather a dynamic path that is unique to a user so each Profile can download their own packages without package/version conflicts.