How do i do iterative operations?

hello everyone ;

I made an automation but couldn’t find anything.

I will write the steps one by one.

1- ) Login to the system
2-) Check if there is a task
3-) Take Screenshot
4-) Send mail

This is exactly what I want. Continuing the processes without stopping, starting from step 2 every 30 minutes. In other words, logging into the system once and repeating the other operations every 30 minutes. What is the way to this?


Could you please explain in detail?

Login to the system means VM system or Your system?

Yes, We can achieve this, We can trigger the process it will run every 30mnts…


Hi Thuri , thanks for the answer.

We have our own system. I have completed the automation. it works without problem. I just want it to run over and over every 30 minutes from step 2


Yes, we can do run the process on every 30 minutes…

Publish the process to orchestrator even if your system is not opened this will work if it is unattended bot.

Adding the trigger to process please follow the below steps:

  1. Open Orchestrator
  2. Navigate to Your published folder
  3. You can see the Jobs, Triggers
  4. Click on triggers
  5. Click on add triggers
  6. Click on Time trigger
  7. give the Name to that trigger
  8. Click on advanced

provide this cron Expression

0 0/30 * 1/1 * ? *

Your bot will run every 30 minutes even if your system is locked.


thanks a lot mate. I am new to this subject. Where is Open Orchestrator?


Navigate to this URL.
  1. Open cloud account
  2. Create an organization
  3. And connect your cloud account to studio
  4. And publish your project to your Cloud account

Then follow the mentioned steps earlier


Hi Again…
0 0/30 * 1/1 * ? *
I couldn’t find where to put it. And I guess this will start the automation from step 1. I want to start from step 2 for job. Where am I doing wrong mate?


You can give every 30 mnts in the minutes Right side

or else

Go to Advanced below the Monthly

Provide that expression


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