Trigger job each 90 seconds

I need to run my job in Orchestrator each 90 seconds continuously 24/7.
I found some old examples and a CRON editor but none of it works so far.
Any suggestion or working link to share?
Thank you!

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Cron cannot make the bot run evry 90 second…60 is the max you can give with it…

Instead schedule the bot to run at every 30 seconds and then from the process check if the previous run start is atleast greater than 70 seconds if yes then continue the process else end the process without moving forward

You can save the execution time in orchestrator assets using set asset activity with now.ToString and then use get asset when every process satrts and run only if the time difference is greater than 70 seconds

Diff = (Now-Cdate(AssetValue)).TotalSeconds

If condition with diff>70

And on else side end process

Then side set the asset time and also run the process

Hope this helps