Define trigger after a certain step

hello everyone ;

I made an automation but couldn’t find anything.

I will write the steps one by one.

1- ) Login to the system
2-) Check if there is a task
3-) Take Screenshot
4-) Send mail

This is exactly what I want. Continuing the processes without stopping, starting from step 2 every 30 minutes. In other words, logging into the system once and repeating the other operations every 30 minutes. What is the way to this?

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you can have a condition in your code to check if its already logged in… If yes, proceed from step 2

hi @serdarkavrazli

Since your system behavior (What kind of system) it bit of difficult de design what u need

if that the system DB having access form your end you can easily setup to check if data available in DB
Or If you can can set a flag for new task to proceed , your schedule or trigger can check that one

And the else option is robot have to log and check , you better to create a schedule for it ,
as @Lak_Ui said you can intergrate small process that , your steep 1 is already done then continue with the step 2

Hi manessha . I am beginner UIpath.
What I want to do is to repeat step 2, step 3 and step 4 every 30 minutes after skipping the login step. I can’t solve this.

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Ok the simplest option is then create a processes that include your 4 steps and publish

the create a new schedule / JOB and define it to run it by every 30 minutes (But make sure that the process run through Unattended robot)

Only Unattended robots can only do schedule jobs

you can use element exist activity to check if the home page exists after login and proceed from step 2