How to make a process run repeatedly through Orchestrator

I have a process that starts, runs then ends within about 2 or 3 seconds.

I need the process to run constantly throughout the day, and cannot loop the process within studio or it will not work properly.

Is there a way to have a process run constantly throughout the day with no time in between the end of the old process and start of the new one?

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Hello @nedenfield

Have you tried using the time triggers from the Orchestrator, basically you can schedule the jobs and there are multiple timing options to do so.

I’ve used this function before, but I need it to run faster than every minute.


There is really nothing out of the box to do it, but you can try the advanced option from there and create multiple CRON Triggers with sleep time to simulate those seconds and make it faster. Here is an example

CRON job to run every 10 seconds

Other option would be to create Queue items for every job you want to run so the bots run one after the other non-stop.

CRON job is the best approach I can think of if you dont use the queues or loops.

I hope this helps