How do I create a drop down menu in the display where if user selects the particular option and hence output is given?



I need to create a drop down menu options where I can create an interface where drop down options can be created and user can select any particular option.

And when user selects some option, certain output is given to him/her,
I was wondering if it was even possible in uipath studio?



Yes. You can do with Options section of an Input Dialog Box activity. The result can be taken out from Result property.

The Options section should be inputted with Collections (Array/List)

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Ok thanks, But i dont think thats what i asked.
Because I need drop down menu options kinda like names of fruits {apple, banana, mango, etc}
And if the person selects certain element the particular output is to be run.

Also if you relate to to array creation and stuff. please tell me in detail how it works??



yes. Use Input Dialog activity to give options.

Options will be displayed for selection based on the number of inputs passed in array.



great this is exactly what i was looking for.
Thank you so much.

If possible please tel me in detail. Like step by step

bcoz i am kinda confused when i see the image view you sent.

Thank you so much in advanced.


Small note : If the collection count is 2 or 3 it will be displayed as a radio button not as a combo box

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Attached workflow. :slightly_smiling_face:

Select Options.xaml (6.0 KB)



Wow. But than what if I need to retrieve certain value options from the workbook datasheet (.xls file).
And since data sheet can have any inputs. I need to create an array which gets values from the datasheet (only unique once) and display them in the menu box.



Attached is the workflow as per your requirement. (8.6 KB)




you can make use of the clickable button function


Hi @rahamtullah,

Like that is there any option for creating checkbox