How do I check for a column in an input spreadsheet in non-Orchestrator RE Framework?


I am using a spreadsheet sent to me from another department as the input for a RE Framework bot.
Sometimes the other department fails to include the phone number column in the spreadsheet.

If the phone number column exists, I will have the bot input the provided phone number into the browser field. If not, the bot will enter a default (999) 999-9999.

Outside of RE Framework, I did this with an If condition of ‘InvoiceTable.Columns.Contains(“PhoneNumber1”)’.
InvoiceTable was the name of the data table.
How do I check the transaction data to see if it contains the PhoneNumber1 item now that I’m not using a data table?
I am not using Orchestrator for this bot.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!
Dale Corley

Hi @Dale_Corley

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You can use the same condition

with little modifications.

Like in reframework when u read the excel file it is stored in TransactionData varaible which is of datatable type.

so u can use the condition before typing phone number in input field as


Then in then and else condition Accordingly

Hope it helps you


Nived N :robot:

Happy Automation

That’s exactly what I needed!

Thank you, Nived N!

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