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Hello guys,

I want to read excel as input in RE FRAMEWORK.

In the below picture iam reading datas from the blank “Over All Remarks” column in excel.

Now i want if the remark contain "Ready " it should process.

So how can i change the code.

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Hi @Gokul_Murali

you can use the filter data table activity to filter the records with “Over All Remarks” =“Ready”

or else use an extra expression
dt_TransactionData.AsEnumerable.Where(Function (x) x(“Over All Remarks”).toString.toLower.Contains(“ready”)).CopyToDataTable

Happy Automation! :smiley:


you have given the expression in assign activity.

can you mention the expression to change it in the if condition also.

Hi @Gokul_Murali

To check this in IF you need to check the count of rows:
dt_TransactionData.AsEnumerable.Where(Function (x) x(“Over All Remarks”).toString.toLower.Contains(“ready”)).Count>0

in the then section you can assign it.

Is it something that you wanted?

or you just wanna use a Loop and inside the loop an if condition? Then you can make a flow like this:



I want to process only data that contain “ready” in the “Overall remarks” column. and add remarks in the same “overall remarks” column and skip other data

When i use expression to take blank cell in the “overall remarks” column it is working fine and adding remarks,

but to process for particular data in overall remarks column it is not working

Hi @Gokul_Murali

Is this something that you need?

Please share your screenshot so that we can see what is going wrong.

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This is what used in the initialization stage to get “Comments” column

(If comments column contain “Dispatch” it should process else move to next one)

In the process state, i used lookupdata table to get the row index of column “Comments” containing “Dispatch”

After processing the “Dispatch” row it should change the row name from “Dispatch” to “Success”

to get the items with dispatch keyword you can change it in the condition itself, instead of ready you can search for dispatch keyword,

inside the if condition, use


and once you’re done processing set

assign currentRow(“Comments”)=“Success”