Read range to read 2 coloumns

if there is an Excel with columns A to J
I just want to read column A and column J

Is it Possible to read column A and column J in an excel

Read Range Activity set to read “A:J” within Excel Application Scope

I just want to read coloumn A and coloumn J, should ignore other columns (B,c,d,e,f,g,h,i)

Ok, read range on “A:J”. Then amend the resulting datatable using the Filter DataTable Wizard. Remove all columns except A and J, output to a new datatable.

@Loka625 You can use 2 Read Range one is for column A and another is for column J
and then u can use separately or you can merge both the dataTable.

Hi @Loka625,

Use the below expression

Datatable.defaultview.totable(false, “columnnameA”,“columnnameJ”)

Store the above output in datatable and use write range and output will be only 2 above columns

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Thanks everyone for responding, it worked with Filter datatable wizard

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