How do I add columns to excel file which are not fields extracted by pdf?

Hello all, I am a fresher who has just started working on UiPath. I have a design issue. I will have to add 2 new columns to existing excel file that are not extracted by pdf(Invoice). First additional column will be the fields that have less confidence score while extracting and the second would be the link or folder path to the particular invoice. How do I go about this?

You can use add column activity and loop through the datatable to assign the column values

Will you be able to elaborate it

Hi @Harshita_Ramesh ,

Could you let us know what is your current workflow ?

As you would need to add field names or Invoice file path of that particular file, we would require to add this information to datatable/Excel file after the extraction is performed for that particular file.

Also, What is the Confidence Threshold that you have set ?

However, an overall working of the process implemented needs to be explained in order for us to help you further.

Hi @Harshita_Ramesh - You can add columns in excel using insert/delete columns activity

→ You can mention how many number of columns you want to insert
→ From what position you want to insert those columns (Ex: If you want to insert those columns starting from column2, then the position value should be 2)


Thank you will try this

My workflow is some like this:

Initially the bot would be getting invoices in email ,take the attachments save them, then it would split the pdfs and extract the fields like invoice number, date etc., and convert them to excel after the validating it in validation station. Now I want to eliminate validation station and add them directly to excel, with additional 2 columns (1. fields with confidence score less than say 80% and the folder path to the invoice that was saved to verify).