Duplicate data in excel ,pdf automation

here i am trying to extract some data from pdf to excel but its showing 2 duplicate column ,please check image below.


Is it there in pdf itself
Can we check once pls

Or as a workaround let’s delete that one specific column and then write it to excel

Use remove datacolumn activity


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here is the pdf image

Can you send your workflow, please?

i attachted images,please scroll up

i attachted ss above,please scroll up

Thanks for that, I just wanted to check the properties of the activities that were used. And those of the Extractor.

please check the video.


Did you try the “Remove Data Column” activity before outputting the datatable?

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In Merge Datatable activity, missing schema property has been set to “ADD”, set it to “Ignore”.


thanks it worked :grinning: but i want to know about this,why and when we use it?and why it was showing duplicates.

This property comes into action when we are working with two datatables with different
number of columns

  • Add: It will return output data table with all columns of two datatables i.e output will contain columns of input datatables + extra columns of second datatable
  • Ignore: It will give output datatable with same number of columns of datatable which we have used as input.
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