How convert csv to excel like course document?

Hello everyone,

The video as below that explain how can i scrap data to csv file.

But final case it shows us excel format not in csv format. I research many resources on web but i cant find actually what i want.

Could you mind help me, how can i read csv and write on excel sheets?

Here is the path.
9e1620fc9f99918010cae5e3f6903adb4b7c7be1 (1).zip (12.4 KB)

As you see on the first capture what i did.
Second one what i see on that uipath video.

How can i do like second one?

  1. to read csv you can use Read CSV activities and get the data into a DataTable
  2. to write the data table into an Excel sheet, use Write Range activity.

Ok thank you!
I did as below.

csvToExcel.xaml (8.6 KB)

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