Read from Excel sheet and wirte to CSV File

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I need to convert excel sheet into CSV File.
Based on some filter conditions in excel sheet , i need to copy the filtered data from the excel sheet and paste it in the CSV File.
Please suggest me how can i move forward.

Use Read Range to get the data, then use the Write to CSV activity to write the data to a CSV file.

UiPath makes this as simple as a sequence of 2 activities.

but write to csv file takes datatable. we are filtering the data based on datatable only. then how can we write the filtered excel sheet data to csv. please suggest

Read range pulls the data into a datatable, which would then be transferred to the CSV in the Write to CSV activity.

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You can use below activities in the following order:

  1. Read Range activity-
  2. Filter Data table activity
    How to Use Filter Data Table in UiPath | ExpoHub - YouTube
  3. Read CSV activity.
    Screenshot is below:

    UiPath Excel Automation - YouTube

Thanks for the reply

Thanks for the reply and it worked

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