How can we scrape data in a Cross-Platform process?

I am able to find the data scraping tool when the process is set to Windows/Windows-Legacy
But this tool is not found in a cross-platform project/process.

How can we scrape data in a cross-platform project/process
Note - there is no API service available for the website I’m using.


As a quick solution,
Could you use get text activity and use Generate datatable from text activity
to make it structured DT?

Hey, thanks for the reply

But to do it I have to use the “Use Browser” activity and if I indicate the application to automate while building the project on Windows, how is it going to work in Linux or any other platform.


Kindly help!


if I have got your point,
you will use windows just for development and run the process on the orchestrator as a video:
UiPath Linux Robots #2B: Deploy and Run UiPath Linux Robots | Tutorial - YouTube

Regarding the use browser, it is work as attach browser
and set all involved activities on it,

i hope it was helpful

you will use windows just for development and run the process on the [orchestrator] - yes

I found a way where we install a chrome extension and build the sequence using it

or do I need to use the attach browser only(which I am not able to find when I searched it in the activities panel)?

Hi @a.k - It looks like you were using Modern Design hence, you were not able to find Attach Browser. Try below steps for that activity to appear

→ Right click on your project name


→ Choose Project setting
→ Make sure you disable Modern Design Experience

Thanks for your reply,

But I’m working on a Cross-platform project(while you are showing it in a windows-legacy project) and I’m not able to find it after going through the steps mentioned by you.