Data Scraping on Cross-Platform process


I created a process in UiPath Studio on a Windows machine which scrapes data from a website, below are the components used for creating the process

How to replicate the same on a cross-platform machine(Linux)

As we know, for Windows we have UiPath Studio that can use the DataScraping tool which opens the browser and we select things and give patterns for moving forward. But the can may not be possible in Linux as we don’t have a UI.
How to solve this?

If you’re getting data from a web service and you have access to an API, then use the API

If not, one approach may be using selenium, can’t guarantee 100% it will work as is not on my field of expertise found a tutorial
Introduction to Web Scraping using Selenium | by Roger Taracha | The Andela Way | Medium

Invoking a Python Script (

thanks for your reply Edwin_Barahona
There is no API service from the website.
I used to scrape using the data scraping tool in Uipath Studio(when the process was built for Windows). but when I created a new process using Cross-Platform, this tool was unavailable. So is there any other method to scrape data from this website for a process built for Cross-Platform?